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          沙巴SB体育网址沙巴SB体育网址协会是女性员工的教育价值和成长沙巴SB体育网址,为他们提供了一个包容性的社会。沙巴SB体育网址协会滋养的关系,并加强债券校友之间以及学校,以确保未来之间 年轻女性的代发扬光大。通过校友活动,募捐和志愿者机会,该协会从事的过去,现在,和 未来的学生支持服务我们的社区赋予妇女权利的文化。

          Dwyla is a proud alumna of the HNHS Class of '89. She earned a B.A. in American Studies, with a minor in Rhetoric & Communications, from UC Davis and an M.A. in 英语 from Cal State Hayward (East Bay). Dwyla works as part of the administrative team for the Office of Diversity, Leadership, and Employee Wellness at Cal State East Bay. She is passionate about promoting diversity and inclusivity across the university, as well as supporting students in their higher education goals. Dwyla is devoted to her family and she cherishes her husband of 21 years and their two kids (a 20 year-old son and a 16 year-old daughter who is now attending HNHS). Although her household is bustling with two teenagers and a little poodle, Dwyla tries to maintain her hobbies by nurturing her love of writing, ethnic art, music, and movies.